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Why Temp_Cleaner GUI?

Free and Open-Source

Being a Free and Open-Source product gives you the freedom to share the program and use it for both personal and commerical purposes.


Easy to use

As you probably hinted, All you have to do is just checking the areas you want to clean and click the "Start Cleaning" button


Supports vast majority of Windows Versions

Compatibility is our top priority, That's why Temp_Cleaner GUI supports the vast majority of Windows Desktop Versions


Safely cleans up your PC

We made Temp_Cleaner GUI in a way that it doesn't negatively affect the performance and stability of your PC or any programs in it.


Trusted by many websites and users

Temp_Cleaner GUI is trusted by many popular Software Listing Websites (check Softpedia and Majorgeeks and Oldergeeks.com pages for Temp_Cleaner GUI) and thousands of users worldwide


Cleans what other cleaners can't

Temp_Cleaner GUI has a lot of cleaning options that aren't available in most popular PC cleaners.


It respects your privacy

Temp_Cleaner GUI doesn't collect any sort of personal identification data.


Provides an Updater Program (Introduced in v5.6-stable)

You no longer have to bother going to this website just to check if there is an update available, We will inform you immediately when there is an update, Just be sure to enable Automatic Update Check in Settings.


Has an active 24/7 support community

Temp_Cleaner GUI has it's own dedicated Support Discord Server (Click here to join)

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Yassen's Opinion of Temp_Cleaner GUI

Yassen, a Customer of Temp_Cleaner GUI since June 2022

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Yossef's Opinion of Temp_Cleaner GUI

Yossef, a Customer of Temp_Cleaner GUI since v4.1

Want to help?

As you can see, Temp_Cleaner GUI is a Free and Open-Source program, which means that it is entirely depending on donations, and as an End User like you I know how annoying it is to use a program that throws ads everywhere on it's interface and irritates you with it, Temp_Cleaner GUI is different because it doesn't do that (despite being a Free product), to help me keep it like that I need you to donate, because when you donate, You help me to afford PC upgrades (to accomodate with the future of Software) and save for a better web hosting.

Don't have money?, No problem, You can still help.